Dev vision about the first 24 hours of our token

Uniti Protocol
3 min readMar 26, 2021

From the holders perspective the first 24 hours our token up to this very moment have been kind of rocky, we as the dev team are very satisfied with the path that the project is taking.

Trying to maintain control over a Telegram chat definitely has proven to be as hard as imaged, but we got used to it.

The token fulfilled our expectations and worked as we intended. Indeed, the pressure of being a holder at this early stage of the project will be more than most of the holders will be able to handle (as shown in the token price chart).

As from now, we are reaching 16 hours of a continuous lateral movement, shown in the chart. Although being far from the initial pump and 80% low from the ATH has strengthened the token more than a direct pump to $2 could have generated.

Every time someone makes a transaction, 2% of the total amount is locked into liquidity diluting the selling price impact and reinforcing the price floor.

When this post was redacted a total of 15BNB and 22.500 UNITi were locked to liquidity.

We have achieved more than 1000 holders and reached a market cap of $300.000. Such growth was not expected in such a short span of time.

Next steps
And so, many will ask what is the short-term route that we as the dev team are taking. This is not a roadmap, but the tasks on which we are working at the moment. The staff is divided into 2 teams;

The Marketing Team:

  1. We are working on expanding regional communities, the creation of an Asian and Latin-American communities will be the milestone to enforce the growth of our community.
  2. A part of the current dev funds will be allocated to the media campaign.
  3. The holders shall be rewarded. They are a part of a now steel plated investors, “Diamond Hands’ ‘ as they would call them, are now maintaining the price of the token. While they will be profiting from their own gains (and their patience), it would be ungrateful from our part to not reward the early adopters.

The Dev Team:

  1. Audit: As we have said before, everything about the contract and wallets is open to scrutiny. This alone won’t satisfy most early investors. This, far from being a hussle, it’s actually a sign that the BSC is maturing. People no longer are hoppin on every single project that blindly offers a x1000.
    The Audit may be expensive, but from our point of view trust is invaluable, and once its lost there is no way back.
  2. Listings: The listings on Blackfolio and CoinGecko will be the real test. At the moment UNITi can reach as far as the shill can reach. We are working on expanding this while you read.
  3. Website redesign: The actual website will be redesigned. Although this is difficult and requires a lot of work, our website is the face of the project. We want it to be as good as possible.
  4. “Tokens go down when the admins are asleep”; Well, this ended up being more true than we expected, and also than we hoped. The telegram chat must be moderated 24/7.

We are here for the long run. Many question if this is going to be one of the so many 5 days and then gone projects. Step by step and with hard work we will strengthen the project. The first stages of the project shall be as bloody as any safe token, but that’s the beauty of it, the community will grow and the tokens will change hands until there is no more supply. What will happen then?

To the moon and hopefully Mars…