Dev vision about the first week of our token

Uniti Protocol
3 min readApr 1, 2021

Well, what can I say that has not already been said. This week was a rollercoaster of emotions. We went from 0.15 to 5 BUSD in the span of 2 days, only to go back to $1 in a single night.

From 1000 holders and an MC (Market Cap) of $300.000 to 2000 holders and an MC of $1.200.000. The past two days may have been red, but our week is looking good.

Our current situation

At the moment of this post’s redaction we are reliving old emotions. a kind of deja vu you might say. Once again we are going through rough days. All the emotion and the excitement of the climb is now replaced by fear, uncertainty and doubt, the witnesses of a bloodbath.

We are at 80% loss from our ATH. As always, people are jumping off the boat. But, let’s see what happened before;

This is where we come from, our firsts days of trajectory. We managed to reach $1 fairly easily, only to be dumped into oblivion. After that, things seemed like they would get better, but oh boy they didn’t.

Tragedy! It only took a night for the price to go from 0.8 to 0.26, and then 0.15 at the bottom. Many people that had thousands of UNITs on their wallets sold everything, but what if…

What if they have kept their units…?

Well, that would have been nice. It’s a real shame that most of them didn’t.

Now let’s go forward to the present. Doesn’t this look similar? I bet it does.

I have seen many messages of people telling how stupid they were for selling at .8, how if only they had the patience to wait one more day they could have gotten a x5. We are again at that breaking point.

This medium is not made to create hope, nor to serve as any kind of propaganda. I am not yet able to predict the future so invest at your own risk.

My objective is to show that all of this is a part of how this token works. These price fluctuations are normal, and are what helps to strengthen it.