The Early Birds that Missed the Worm

Uniti Protocol
2 min readMar 25, 2021

Money never sleeps

We have all been there, a new shiny project appears on our radar and we throw a small stake at it hoping for a quick reward that triggers that dopamine rush from making money.

In what feels like ages, we see those green bars grow higher, we start calculating our profit and we prepare that big sell that is going to make us wealthier.

And we sell, and we go to sleep patting our backs. We were early, we got the worm.

A Marathon is not a Sprint

But… did we? That project that we saw the day before is still there, still strong, still growing, still solid.

It just launched, and when a rocket launches the Max Q, the point where maximum aerodynamic force is exerted upon the ship, occurs early on and it feels like everything will break up. But it did not, the whole ride is still ahead of us, and it is only going up!

Did we just jump out of a moving rocket at that moment, just to feel the adrenaline of the free fall?

Luckly, we did not. The ship still flies. We did not sell. We are well strapped to our seats enjoying the ride. We understand that this is not a quick money grab token.

And we know. We know that from the Moon, those who jumped early are indistinguishable inside that blue marble that we call Earth.

Hold tight, we are about to turn our following stages on. This is just beginning and there are many wonders ahead.

Let us feast, knowing that those early birds missed the worm.