The Quest for the Fairest Launch

Uniti Protocol
3 min readMar 24, 2021

When we started meeting with the team and the idea of UNITi was born, we all quickly agreed that we were going to have a “Fair Launch”.

Little did we anticipate how much internal discussion the meaning of said fair launch would bring and appealing to a broader audience we decided to publish this article explaining our decisions and what “Fair” means to us.

Fair means Free for All

The first arguments were heard between those pushing for a presale and those rooting for a fair and square launch.

On the Presale corner, their proponents stated it was fair to offer every initial investor the possibility of purchasing our tokens at a fixed price invariable from the first to the last token sold.

The main drawback? A presale cannot be done for 100% of the token supply and that would leave the majority of the interested parties at the mercy of an initial group holding a large stash whose strategy could be to dump those presold tokens hurting our demand.

In addition, at presale time the main advantages of our tokenomics (automatic supply burn and LP creation) must be disabled, impacting our whole ecosystem.

The “Fair and square” corner successfully argued that, even though an initial liquidity supply (and burn!) would mean every investor was left on its own to buy at market price, it allowed the full potential of our tokenomics to work from day 1.

Another aspect to consider is that, thanks to the public blockchain, anyone can be alerted the moment that initial supply is provided by our team at launch. There are multiple bots in Telegram, Discord and other Social Platforms that can alert you the SECOND this happens. Every investor has the exact same advantage. There are no closed groups buying first, there are no VIP investors, there are no restrictions on how someone can or cannot be part of UNITi. Anyone can participate. Fair means Free for All

Fair means Full Disclosure

Once we settled on the launch dynamics we started studying how funding would be provided for ongoing operations and we again faced tough choices.

On one hand, providing 100% of the initial supply as liquidity seemed fair. Even the team itself would need to acquire tokens at market price when/if needed.

However, that would leave UNITi unable to take corrective actions and/or fund development of our roadmap greatly impairing our ability to deliver to our investors. Being able to fulfill what we promise in our roadmap is in their best interest, and the reassurance that we have funding to do so increases the value of our token for them.

In that spirit, and to avoid the necessity of seed funding, our team decided to keep 2% of the initial supply to provide for its continuous operation going forward.

We feel that 2% provides for enough funding while being a small piece of the initial supply at the same time, shattering any worries other projects arise when the devs keep tokens for themselves.

Those tokens will obviously be held in the dev wallet, free for anyone to verify where they are and how they are transacted.

Transparency should be at the core of any project. Fair means Full Disclosure

Closing Thoughts

We have come a long way since we started dreaming about UNITi. We are glad to have you interested and hope to have you on board!

Welcome to the UNITi Protocol, join us on The Quest for the Fairest Launch