UNITi PROTOCOL: The Beginning.

Uniti Protocol
2 min readMar 24, 2021

UNIT is a token which is programmed to distribute the burned transaction fees back to it’s holders. Generating passive staking due to its frictionless nature.

UNIT is deflationary by nature. In this way we reward our holders by increasing liquidity and value. This is done by applying a small fee to each transaction which is sent to an address that also participates in the protocol. This means that it will accumulate more tokens, thereby effectively removing them from circulation.

Total supply at launch will be 1.000.000 units.

We are currently working 24/7 to set up a community, submit the smart contract for audit and start partnerships with other BSC projects. This will also incentive holders to provide additional liquidity and gain more trust in the BSC community.

UNIT runs on Binance Smart Chain, due to this UNIT users and liquidity providers pay very little fees and get quick confirmations.

UNITi Protocol’s ($UNIT) Tokenomics:

  • Name/Ticker: UNITi Protocol/$UNIT
  • Total Supply: 1.000.000
  • Distribution System:
    4% of every transaction fee is returned to the holders.
    2% locked due to time-based function.

Our objectives and expectations in the short/mid term:

- Expansion of the team.

- Exponential growth of our community.

- Listing in platforms like Coingecko, Unirocket, Blockfolio, Coinmarketcap and Binance.

- Audit of our contract by Certik.

- Cooperativity and partnership with other protocols.

Thank you all!

We are very grateful for your time reading this article and that you are interested in our project. We hope you can join our community to grow together into a better future.

We want you to participate and help us to build something amazing together and make this a sustainable project.

New announcements and news will be transmitted to our beautiful community through this platform and our social networks. Make sure to follow us to be up to date on all news!

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Stay tuned for more updates!