World’s #1 cryptocurrency price-tracking website with a mission to make crypto discoverable just listed us.

Don’t believe us? Click below!

So, did you sell or did you wait as we said? Hope that your seatbelt is still on as we are going to the moon!

Next steps

With the listing on CMC now hopefully other sites such as CoinGecko will list us.

Only a few words today, we are way too excited to keep on writing. This is a celebration, cheers to everyone keep up the good work and keep on shilling.

UNITi Team

Well, what can I say that has not already been said. This week was a rollercoaster of emotions. We went from 0.15 to 5 BUSD in the span of 2 days, only to go back to $1 in a single night.

From 1000 holders and an MC (Market Cap) of $300.000 to 2000 holders and an MC of $1.200.000. The past two days may have been red, but our week is looking good.

Our current situation

At the moment of this post’s redaction we are reliving old emotions. a kind of deja vu you might say. Once again we are…

Before we start, please note that you should use either Chrome, Brave or Firefox, must have Metamask installed on your browser and configured for the BSC. In case you haven’t done that before, please follow this guide.

Once you have transferred some funds to your wallet, you will now be able to purchase $UNIT via Pancake Swap.

Link to Pancake Swap:

The first time you use Pancake Swap you will need to connect your wallet, you can do this by clicking on the connect wallet button on the upper right side of the screen.

Then select Metamask

From the holders perspective the first 24 hours our token up to this very moment have been kind of rocky, we as the dev team are very satisfied with the path that the project is taking.

Trying to maintain control over a Telegram chat definitely has proven to be as hard as imaged, but we got used to it.

The token fulfilled our expectations and worked as we intended. …

Money never sleeps

We have all been there, a new shiny project appears on our radar and we throw a small stake at it hoping for a quick reward that triggers that dopamine rush from making money.

In what feels like ages, we see those green bars grow higher, we start calculating our profit and we prepare that big sell that is going to make us wealthier.

And we sell, and we go to sleep patting our backs. We were early, we got the worm.

A Marathon is not a Sprint

But… did we? That project that we saw the day before is still there, still strong, still growing…

UNITi Protocol’s native token, $UNIT, is now available on PancakeSwap for purchase.

Check token swap contracts below:

- PancakeSwap (BEP20):

UNIT is a token which is programmed to distribute the burned transaction fees back to it’s holders.

Generating passive staking due to its frictionless nature.

Warning: Always check that you are interacting with the right UNITi Protocol Smart Contract, available on our Website and our Official Channels, be careful on scams or fake UNITi tokens outside our platform.

Join our great community:


Telegram channel:



When we started meeting with the team and the idea of UNITi was born, we all quickly agreed that we were going to have a “Fair Launch”.

Little did we anticipate how much internal discussion the meaning of said fair launch would bring and appealing to a broader audience we decided to publish this article explaining our decisions and what “Fair” means to us.

Fair means Free for All

The first arguments were heard between those pushing for a presale and those rooting for a fair and square launch.

On the Presale corner, their proponents stated it was fair to offer every initial investor the…

UNIT is a token which is programmed to distribute the burned transaction fees back to it’s holders. Generating passive staking due to its frictionless nature.

UNIT is deflationary by nature. In this way we reward our holders by increasing liquidity and value. This is done by applying a small fee to each transaction which is sent to an address that also participates in the protocol. This means that it will accumulate more tokens, thereby effectively removing them from circulation.

Total supply at launch will be 1.000.000 units.

We are currently working 24/7 to set up a community, submit the smart…

Uniti Protocol

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